Fire in the Belly

Luke’s Journal 2021 | Fire in the Belly | Vol.26 No.1

Wow! ‘Fire in the Belly’. 
Impulsive? Idealistic? Irresponsible?
Or reasonable opinion? That is for you to decide. With the digitalisation of Luke’s Journal and the extended reach of its readership, there has been an increase in Fire in the Belly articles – self-submitted and grounded in the passion of the author. 
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Towards a theology integrating creation, providence and redemption in our daily work, rest and family

A/Prof Alan Gijsbers
This paper seeks to move us as Christians to integrate a creation theology with our redemption theology… More

Decision Making and the Will of God

Dr Maria Haase
Much has been written on the will of God, both what it is and how it is discerned… More

Treatise on Health

Prof Anthony Radford
Health, like love and pain, are difficult to define but that makes them no less real… More


Dr Monique Peris
In the strange and uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic, unspoken tensions are more likely to surface… More

Poverty: It’s Not What You Think

Ross Farley
Many Australians may think they know what poverty is, but the Bible, however, points us in the right direction… More

Touched by Cancer,
Touched by Love

Dr Shazza
The world of patient care and medicine has been forever changed. As Health Professionals it is vital we realise the healing power of touch – even during a pandemic… More

‘What keeps me awake at night?’

Dr Ern Crocker
The COVID-19 pandemic, and the introduction of legislation relating to issues such as voluntary assisted dying, gender dysphoria and abortion have challenged us as never before… More


A/Prof Andrew Sloane
The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown many complex moral dilemmas our way, requiring us to make hard and costly decisions… More

‘Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition!’

John Steenhof 
This paper provides a context for understanding the current interplay between health regulators, codes of conduct and health practitioners who are operating on the front line of medical practice, day in and day out all around Australia… More

Conversion Therapy

Prof John Whitehall
In August, legislation was enacted in Queensland and the ACT that is of grave concern to all Christians in Australia… More

Issues Related to Voluntary Assisted Dying

Prof Natasha Michael
Our Christian faith, along with our palliative care tradition, embodies a moral tradition of fundamental convictions about what it means to die well… More

Moral Injury in Carers of Early Pregnancy

A/Prof Harvey Ward
There are few examples more vexing for the Christian Health practitioner (CHP) confronted with a request or situation that conflicts with their convictions, than abortion… More


Elle Chou
Medical student Elle Chou expresses herself and her faith through her artistic gifts… More

The Hospital Furnace

Dr Emily Ivarsson SRMO
Where you can gain a career and lose your soul… More

‘What keeps nurses awake at night?’

Gabi Macaulay RN
As a career, nursing has allowed me into the most privileged of places humanity can offer… More

The GP Landscape

Dr Tony Rombola
General Practice is unpredictable, with a broad cross-section of medical, surgical, social, psychological, and other issues likely on any given day…  More

Bringing health, hope and wholeness

Dr Michael Burke 
The pandemic had barely taken off when four enthusiastic leaders left Australia’s east coast for culturally-rich Yogyakarta. Lawrence, Maddie, Jean and Michael were met by friends from the Indonesian Christian Medical Fellowship. … More

Papua New Guinea HealthCare Worker Manua

Dr Michael Burke 
HealthServe Australia, with the support of CMDFA friends, has partnered in the third edition of the Papua New Guinea (PNG) HealthCare Worker manuals… More

Lighting Paths, Healing Lives

Dr Michael Burke 
The Dignity and Right to Health Award is an international initiative acknowledging the contributions of Christian doctors, dentists, nurses and other health workers…. More

What to Take on an Overseas Medical Mission Trip

Dr Maria Haase
I have made overseas visits to a certain country since 2006 and have learned much about cross-cultural work and the complexities of packing my kit… More

Medicine on YWAM Medical Ships

Dr Thomas Chengxuan Lu
Using a converted cruise ship, YWAM-MS runs approximately ten to twelve outreaches to the rural and remote regions of PNG each year… More

Response to:
Do we really save lives?

A/Prof Alan Gijsbers 
Andrew Williams’s story, “Do We Really Save Lives?” (Luke’s Journal 2020, Vol 25 No 2), brought back difficult memories of a very similar conversation I had with my vicar in the late 1980’s-early 90’s, but with a very different outcome… More