Luke’s Journal inspires the integration of Christian faith and work in healthcare.
In this edition we invite you to find rest and life in Jesus Christ.

Finding True Refuge

Several years of intense study, personal challenges and burning the candle at both ends had left my tank dry… More

Rhythms of Rest

Dr Catherine Hollier
Rhythms and rest are important in how we are made. We know this intuitively and experientially.
We feel awful if… More

Don’t Give Up

Dr Alyssa Arnold
I not only had to stay awake during the night, but also function in emergency situations as if it was daytime… More

Defining Rest

Dr Brioney Keats
As a final year medical student, a lifelong struggle with anxiety firmly gripped my heart… More

Rest and Relaxation

Dr Stephen Bollipo
While it is easier to bring the physical body to a complete rest, it is not so easy to bring the mind to rest… More

Working in Rural Towns

Dr Nathan Lowe 
Many struggle with boundaries around work and home life. Some of the principles I examine could be applicable to you, and might spur you to think about your own boundaries… More

Rest and Mental Health

Dr Richard Morrison
46% of you will experience a mental health condition. That must be exhausting, but you seem unaware of the rest Jesus offers. This is what I am going to proclaim to you… More


A Prayer for Those who Check Email Inboxes

Dr Eleasa Sieh
It seems like the deluge of unopened emails that awaits me has a mind of its own, threatening to drown me with its pressure and demands… More


Sabbath Observance:
Is it for me?

Dr John Fluit
If you want to avoid physical and mental burnout, feel strained in relationships, or distant from the Lord – God has the answer for you. It’s called ‘the Sabbath’More


In this issue you will find invitations to find rest and life in Jesus Christ – from the perspectives of a medical student recovering from burnout, a dentist’s observation of bruxism linking to lack of rest, an emergency physician’s call to rest in your identity as an image-bearer of God, and a nutritionist’s research observations on our need to “rest and digest”…
Read Dr Eleasa Sieh Editorial

Searching for Sabbath

Dr Kristen Dang
How we can find rest in the whirlwind of early parenting…


God, Rest and Me

Richard Sweatman
Madonna said “I’ll rest when I’m dead.” We might not share her fame but many of us share her attitude towards rest…. More


Brunch or Bible study?

Dr Emma Bott 
In looking at what God has to say about rest, I observe one thing rest is from, and two things rest is for… More


Finding Rest in the Furnace of Work

Emeritus Professor Laurence Walsh AO 
Using micro prayers to enter a sense of rest in the Lord… More

Rest and Digest

Dr Amanda Reimann
Combining what the Scriptures teach about this topic with naturopathic principles… More


Finding Rest in our Hurried World

Dr Faye Jordan
Jesus recognised the need for his disciples to rest… More


Why Rest is Challenging for Children and Teenagers

Dr Andrew W 
One of the most important rhythms of life is work and rest… More


Grace as the Basis of Christian Ethics 

Dr Alan Gijsbers
Understanding not just behaviours, but the context in which those behaviours occur… More

Review: Crazy Busy by Kevin DeYoung

Dr Olivia Mcgrath
A (mercifully) short book about a (really) big problem… More


Review: Sensible Shoes by Sharon Garlough Brown

Dr Catherine Hollier
Creating space to encounter God… More


Dr John Foley

Dr Owen Lewis
Dr Foley went to be with the Lord on 13/7/2021 aged 89… More


Rev. Ian Johnston

Georgina Hoddle (RN) 
A dear friend of the CMDFA… More

COVID Vaccination and the Church

A/Prof Megan Best 
The government increased freedoms to citizens who are double vaccinated how should Australian churches respond…. More


Dentistry on Ywam Medical Ships

Dr Daniel Sundaresan
Practicing dentistry on a YWAM MS is unforgettable… More



Dr Ross Farley 
How learning from the proverbial small creatures can empower poor communities to meet their own needs… More

Nationwide Education: to Promote Gender Fluidity

Prof John Whitehall 
An offensive against the belief that gender accords with chromosomes… More