Breath of Life

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Breath Of Life – Dr Annetta Tsang

  1. In A Breath/ Life Over Death – Dr Kristen Dang
  2. The Breath Of God – Dr Rhys Morgan
  3. Can We Ever Be More Than The Sum Of Our Diseased Body Parts? – Dr Sam Chan
  4. Calm And Compassion Amidst The Coronavirus Pandemic – Dr Peter Wark
  5. FIRE IN THE BELLY: The Heart Of Medicine – Dr Lachlan Dunjey
  6. Air Of Sensitivity: Bedside Manner And The Christian Clinician – Dr Natasha Yates
  7. Holding My Breath: Seeking To Survive As An Intern – Dr Arielle Tay
  8. The Pandemic of Panic – Dr Bo Wang
  9. FIRE IN THE BELLY: Are Doctors Breathing In Anxiety And Breathing Out Depression? – Dr Lisa Koo
  10. Breathing The Wrong Way: Insights From A Breathing Specialist – Dr Dean J. O’Rourke
  11. Breath Of Life: Reflections From Respiratory Medicine – Dr John Upham
  12. BOOK REVIEW: Nine Minutes Past Midnight – Dr Gillian Porter
  13. The Last Breath: When A Patient Is Dying – Dr Anthony Herbert
  14. Do We Really Save Lives? – Dr Andrew Williams
  15. Radiotherapy – Dr Judy Fitzmaurice
  16. Breaths Of Life In The Midst Of Change: Lessons Learnt From The Paediatric Oncology Ward – Dr Yvonne Lai
  17. Inspiration: Breathing In Of The Spirit – Georgie Hoddle
  18. Qi’ And The Multiple Perspectives Of Breath – Dr Bo Wong
  19. TESTIMONIES: Dr Geoffrey Booth/ Dr Dianne Pacey
  20. Breathing Life Into The Universe – Dr Robert Wiles
  21. Mind Brain Relationships – A/Prof Alan Gijsbers
  22. Finding Purpose Through Pain: The Story Of My Son Born With Achondroplasia – Dr Simone Watkins
  23. Breathe In God’s Meticulous Creation – Dr Iain Johnston 
  24. Excerpt From Tim Chester’s Book, Enjoying God – Dr Tim Chester
  25. Breaths Of Life From God’s Word – Dr Annetta Tsang