Evolving Professionals

Luke’s Journal inspires the integration of Christian faith and work in healthcare.
In this issue our contributors prompt us to reflect on important questions relating to our ‘Evolving Professionalism’.
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The Conundrum of Singleness and Marriage During Medical Training

Dr Andrew Huang
Is a healthy romantic relationship possible amid toil and trials?…. More

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Evolving Professionals

Dr Annetta Tsang
Ways of integrating faith and practice are continuously evolving… More

Mixed Motives: Unpacking the “Why?” Of What We Do

Dr Jeremy Beckett
Unpacking the why of what we do… More


Dr Natasha Yates
The ways of thinking about professionalism and their implications… More

How To Talk About Jesus at Work

Dr Sam Chan
Are we prepared to be agents of transformation at our workplaces and in society?… More

Love My Title More Than My Work? Navigating Career Transitions As Evolving Professionals

Dr Annetta Tsang
Navigating career transitions as evolving professionals… More

Why Did You Choose Medicine/Dentistry?

Dr Eleasa Sieh
What drives us to embark on the marathon ahead?… More


Making Sense of “Calling”

Dr Irene
Seeking to serve God through professional excellence and explicit gospel witness… More

Book Review: Every Good Endeavor by Timothy Keller

Dr Samara Thambar
Connecting your work to God’s plan for the world… More

Poetry: Humpty Dumpty

Dr Vincent Lee
Humpty might never be whole again, but this broken piece can heal and mend… More


What I Found Valuable About Mentorship

Dr Ali Norsworthy
Should you consider getting involved in mentoring?… More

Should We Pray with Or for Our Patients?

Dr Robert Claxton
Meditation and mindfulness are promoted …but prayer takes us beyond, into the personal… More

Teamwork – Small Group Learning and the Christian Introvert

Dr Isaac Li
Reaching out can be a struggle, but the fruits reaped can be amazing… More


Research, Grief and Meaning-Making as an Evolving Professional

Lori Anthony
Understanding our own grief helps us to serve others… More


Christ-focused Singleness as a Medical Student

Dr Irene
Is there a unique breadth of intimacy available to singles?… More


Using Your Professional Knowledge to Promote Health in Your Faith Community

Dr Antonia van Loon
How can we ‘love our neighbour’ in fresh and innovative ways?… More

Poetry: An Ode to Radiation

Georgie Hoddle
Competent kind hands are hovering over me… More

“I Am With You”: My Source Of Comfort In Moments of Doubts

Dr Isaac Tang
God gives us Himself, the Scriptures and people to support us… More

Hospital Network Map: A Call for Help to Update

We need your help to update our hospital contacts… More