Ageing Gracefully

Luke’s Journal | Nov 2020 | Vol.25 No.3

This issue of Luke’s Journal comes at the end of a year that has shaken and sifted us all, with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the COVID-19 pandemic having swept across the globe, crossing international boundaries, and affecting all cultures and ages, including the loss of nearly 1.2 million lives at the time of writing this editorial.
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(and being remembered)

Dr Paul Mercer
Is despondent ageing a prank
that God plays on our lives?… More

Finding Meaning in Ageing

Rev Prof Elizabeth MacKinlay
Those of us living in twenty-first century Western countries for the most part, even in the time of COVID-19 pandemic, experience the gift of longer life… More

Poem: COVID Lament

Georgina Hoddle RN
Lord hear our pleas, our laments rise high, to Heaven we turn. A beautiful poem for these unprecedented times… More

Is residential Aged Care Facility merely a Waiting Room for Death?

Viv Allanson
In my experience this is a question, a statement, and an entrenched belief for individuals and society as a whole… More

In God’s Waiting Room

Dr Lauren Chong
Questions and reflections on memory, death, and aged care in COVID-19 times… More

Depression in Ageing

A/Prof Kuruvilla George (KG)
Depression is the most common mental illness in old age. Due to the rise in our ageing population, the significance and impact of depression will also increase as a consequence…

Combating Frailty In Ageing

Dr John Best
Front-page headlines of the Australian Newspaper on the 17th of July 2020 read: “Age not an issue: Hospitals ordered to treat elderly”… More

A Christian GP Reflects on Residential Aged Care

Dr Richard Chittleborough
Ageing people come into Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACF) with – and sometimes because of – some established disabilities… More

Conducting Christmas Outreach Services at Aged Care Facilities as  a visiting GP

Dr Richard Wong
I started thinking about hosting a series of Christmas outreach services at the aged care facilities I regularly visit… More

Ode to a Farmer’s Wife

Ian Johnston
My heart ached for this suffering lady,
who had toiled many years on the land,
So I pulled out a tract about Jesus,
and the Hymn that says he’s our friend… More

Ageing Gracefully and Living Well

Dr Kenneth Ibe
Ageing is a universal part of life. We are born and pass through the natural stages of life, including old age, and then die. The World Health Organisation considers old age as beginning at 65 years of age, but at 55 years of age in Africa… More

Positive Ageing and Meaningful Life

Dr Chris Poulos
To do the subject of ‘Positive ageing and meaningful life’ justice in only a few pages is an impossible task. We can only scratch the surface of this important topic… More

Everyday Joy!

Georgia Strimaitis
Joy. A lot can be conveyed in only three letters. Joy is an emotion we all aspire too, yet is not one often associated with ageing and aged care… More

Enhancing Dignity for Those Nearing the End of their Life

Steve Calder
As I write this, I’m looking at a book on my desk. How the book came about is a story in itself… More

Ageing Unhindered

Dr Kristen Dang
“Don’t get old!”, people say as they smile through the weariness of physical decline. The years are inevitable, but there is a crown of glory that we can look forward to… More

Age: More Than a Number

Dr Monique Peris
Working in medicine it becomes apparent that the worth of the generation that lived through wars, drought and economic crisis can be boiled down to a number…  More

Anne and I
– A Journey with Alzheimers’ Dementia

Dr Michael Nicholson
Let’s face it. When it comes to our nearest and dearest, sometimes dedication to our professional lives is not in their best interests… More

Book Review:
Second Forgetting
by Dr Benjamin Mast

Dr Eleasa Sieh
I first picked this book up out of curiosity at the meaning of its title and subtitle: “Remembering the power of the Gospel during Alzheimer’s disease”… More

Book Review:
The Challenge of Disability in Later Life edited by Elizabeth MacKinlay

Georgina Hoddle, RN
Through a collection of skilfully edited essays, this book illustrates how people with disabilities can lead spiritually meaningful lives… More

Pastoral Care in Aged Care Facilities

Rev Jonathan (Jon) Phua
It is a privilege to spend time with people in Aged Care settings, as the interactions are often so rewarding and meaningful… More

Hope and longer lives for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Georgina Hoddle RN
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) people have a shorter life expectancy than the non-Indigenous Australian population… More

Sense of Safety During Covid

Dr Johanna Lynch
Abraham Maslow called humans ‘safety seeking’ organisms. He named safety as a human meta-need. More

Discussion Paper on Moral Injury

CMDFA Ethics Management Team
Moral distress is found to correlate with burnout, consideration or intention to leave a position or workplace and non-alignment with workplace ethical climate. More