Luke’s Journal inspires the integration of Christian faith and work in healthcare.
In this the first of two issues, our contributors prompts us to reflect on important questions relating to Mental Health.
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Editorial: Mental Health 1

Kuruvilla George
Mental health is such a huge topic that we will cover it in two issues. Mental Health 1 indicates that our attitudes and treatment of mental illness has come a long way over the last fifty years. It is particularly encouraging that there is more awareness and acceptance of mental illness among the Christian community…  More

Quick Links

Understanding Mental Health Issues in Young People from a Christian Perspective

Dr Danny Cheah
Equipping ourselves with a framework that is true, both clinically and spiritually… More

Words of Wisdom in the Psychiatric Ward

Dr Lucy van Baalen
What NOT to say to people in a psychiatric ward… More

Beyond Bipolar

Jane Cunliffe-Jones
Finding peace in my mental health diagnosis… More

Health With Care Without Burnout

Dr Grace Sha
Long before COVID-19, burnout was a major concern… More

A Christian Perspective on Suicide

Professor Kuruvilla George
Christians have a range of opinions on suicide. Many object to it from an emotional perspective, finding it difficult to justify their objection from biblical argument… More

Refugees And Mental Health: An Australian Overview

Dr Michael Dudley
Ms Julie Macken
Dr Fran Gale
What do we do in face of this suffering?… More

Let The Light In

Tanya Tufanova
When we shut our curtains, we can no longer see God’s creation and evidence of His presence and care … More

Integrating Theology and Psychology

Lisa Miller
The benefits for Christian mental health professionals… More

5 Ways Biblical Counselling Helps Me in my Healthcare Work

Dr Eleasa Sieh
Why you should be interested in Biblical counselling… More

Book Review: “When the Noise Won’t Stop” by Paul Grimmond

Dr Catherine Hollier
Is it possible to remain faithful wrestling with afflictions?… More

A Christian Approach to Spirituality and Addiction

Associate Professor Alan Gijsbers
Spirituality multi-faceted permeating all we do in addiction… More

Jesus and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Dr Richard Morrison
Taking the potential de-personalisation of our field through the use of AI seriously… More

VALE: David Brown

Professor John Whitehall
It is my privilege to have visited David Brown in hospital when his life on earth was running out… More

Book Review: “What’s Best Next” by Matt Perman

Dr Sneha Kirubakaran
How the Gospel transforms the way you get things done… More

Saline Taster Workshop: A Further Training Option?

Georgie Hoddle RN
Introducing people to the concepts of spiritual health in clinical care… More