Luke’s Journal inspires the integration of Christian faith and work in healthcare.
In this issue we look at the benefits and challenges of Technology.

God is not ‘on mute’!

Dr Catherine Hollier
What if every Christian doctor was connected as the body of Christ!… More

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Technology and the Bible
Dr John Goswell
We remain oblivious to what the “next big thing” might be… More

Just Desserts
Georgie Hoddle RN
Make a cake with Biblical technology!… More

Stewarding your Time with Tech!
Deb Hopper OT
Creating good online boundaries is essential… More

Integrating Technology into Family Life
Asher Morrison
How to integrate technology in a healthy and positive way… More

Membership in the Digital Age
Dr James Yun
Transformed by Christ, Transforming Healthcare… More

COVID-19 Effects on Social Determinants of Health

A response by Dr Nathan Grills, Millicent Hedditch, Xiao Jing Ong
A reader asked if we would provide insights into the lag effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. As well as the direct health effects of the disease, there are a number of other ongoing impacts… More

PRIME Australia: The Beauty of Palliative Care

Dr Richard Wong
Teaching the principles of medicine, addressing the whole person… More


RESeT: Nurses and God-given Technology

Georgie Hoddle, RN
Technology may interfere with the building of trust through digital relationships and create anxiety… More

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Sleep More

Dr Alyssa Arnold
Your sleep quality not the best? Consider your sleep hygiene… More

Generosity and Partnership at a Time of War in Ukraine

Associate Professor Michael Burke
ICMDA is in regular contact with doctors and dentists throughout the country through the Christian Medical Association (CMA) of Ukraine… More

Science and Technology: the New Gods in Prenatal Screening

Dr Joseph Thomas
Safeguards to unfettered prenatal testing is necessary… More


Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: Responding to the Challenges of Technology

Dr Paul Mercer
Are we on a path of endless medical progress? Is this our opportunity to reimagine faith… More


Technology and Snakes

Professor John Whitehall 
The greater the advance, the more beautiful the snake appears… More


Need and Prayer in the time of COVID-19

Associate Professor Michael Burke
Exploring new ways to encourage each other…. More


God’s Gift of Emerging Technology in Christian Healthcare

Dr Ernest Frank Crocker
Christians are uniting in ways never thought possible… More



Dr Ernest Crocker
Mapping our finite striving for immortality… More


Rev David Ware
Though a haze hangs around me, I will not despair… More

Hidden Blesssings

Dr Shaddy Hanna
COVID-19 has dramatically changed social norms… More

Anecdotes from the Author

Georgie Hoddle, RN
Patient care has become more and more based on technology… More