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There are many ways you can contribute – here’s some ideas:

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  • Review a book
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  • Contribute ideas and topics for future editions
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What to write about

Each issue of Luke’s Journal is focused on a specific theme, please ask us for a list of forthcoming topics.

We also publish individual “Fire in the Belly” articles, featuring topics that authors are particularly passionate about.

These articles may be incorporated into a PDF issue.

If your article is topical or time sensitive, eg. “Covid vaccinations and the Church”, it may be published online as a “StopPress” article, and incorporated into a print version at a later date.

Submitting an article to the editor via email is easy

  • Use our Microsoft Word Article Template to write your article (download the Template to your computer)
  • See our Style Guide for writing tips
  • Include your author biography
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Here’s some helpful Author Guidelines

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