December 2018 – Hot Topics #1

Cover of Luke's Journal Hot Topics number one

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Hot Topics in Ethics – Dr Paul Mercer


  1. Are ‘Medical Ethics’ Possible? – Dr Paul Tyson
  2. On Not Getting Out Alive – Rev Dr Andrew Sloane
  3. Living in the Meantime – Rev Dr Andrew Errington
  4. Ethics and Discernment – Dr Paul Mercer
  5. When Christians Disagree – Prof Gareth Jones
  6. Thinking Biblically about the Ethics of Prenatal Diagnosis – Dr Paul Mercer
  7. A Tale of Two Deaths – Dr Joseph Thomas
  8. Equality Begins in the Womb – Dr Denise Cooper-Clarke
  9. Evaluating Stem Cell Research, Cloning and Therapy – Dr Bruce Hayes
  10. More Than We Need to Know – Dr Lachlan Dunjey
  11. Principles and Principalities of Childhood Gender Dysphoria – Prof John Whitehall
  12. BOOK REVIEW: “Have Stethoscope, Will Travel” by Dr Anthony Radford

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