June 2022 – Technology

Read Online:

Technology: God is not ‘on mute’! – Catherine Hollier


  1. Technology and the Bible – Dr John Goswell
  2. Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: Responding to the Challenges of Technology – Dr Paul Mercer
  3. Science and Technology: the New Gods in Prenatal Screening – Dr Joseph Thomas
  4. Technology and Snakes – Professor John Whitehall
  5. Integrating technology into family life – Asher Morrison
  6. Scroll Less, Sleep More! – Dr Alyssa Arnold
  7. RESeT: Nurses and God-given technology – Georgie Hoddle, RN
  8. Technology: Changes & Challenges – Georgie Hoddle, RN
  9. Stewarding your Time with Tech! – Deb Hopper
  10. Membership in the Digital Age – Dr James Yun
  11. Hidden Blessings – Dr Shaddy Hanna
  12. God’s Gift of Emerging Technology in Christian Healthcare – Dr Ernest Frank Crocker
  13. Need and Prayer in the time of COVID-19 – Associate Prof Michael Burke
  14. PRIME Australia: The Beauty of Palliative Care – Dr Richard Wong
  15. Generosity and Partnership at a time of war in Ukraine – Associate Prof Michael Burke
  16. An Unpleasant Reverie on War upon Seeing the Russian Tanks Invading Ukraine – Prof John Whitehall
  17. POEM: COVID fatigue – Rev David Ware
  18. COVID-19 Effects on Social Determinants of Health – Nathan Grills, Millicent Hedditch, Xiao Jing Ong
  19. CHRONOS – Dr Ernest Crocker
  20. RECIPE: Just desserts – Georgie Hoddle, RN

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