January 2023 – Evolving Professionals

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Evolving Professionals – Dr Annetta Tsang


  1. Hospital Network Map: A Call for Help to Update – CMDFA
  2. Professionalism – Dr Natasha Yates
  3. Why Did You Choose Medicine/Dentistry? – Dr Eleasa Sieh
  4. Making Sense of “Calling” – Dr Irene
  5. Book Review: Every Good Endeavor by Timothy Keller – Dr Samara Thambar
  6. Reflections: A Medical Professional in the Making – Dr Yvonne Chang
  7. Teamwork – Small Group Learning and the Christian Introvert – Dr Isaac Li
  8. Evangelising as a medical student is harder than I thought – Dr Nicholas Brown
  9. Research, Grief and Meaning-Making as an Evolving Professional – Lori Anthony
  10. Poetry: Humpty Dumpty – Dr Vincent Lee
  11. What I Found Valuable About Mentorship – Dr Ali Norsworthy
  12. Should We Pray with Or for Our Patients? – Dr Robert Claxton
  13. Christ-focused Singleness as a Medical Student – Dr Irene
  14. The Conundrum of Singleness and Marriage During Medical Training – Dr Andrew Huang
  15. Using Your Professional Knowledge to Promote Health in Your Faith Community – Dr Antonia van Loon
  16. Poetry: An Ode to Radiation – Georgie Hoddle
  17. Mixed Motives: Unpacking the “Why?” Of What We Do – Dr Jeremy Beckett
  18. How To Talk About Jesus at Work – Dr Sam Chan
  19. Love My Title More Than My Work? Navigating Career Transitions As Evolving Professionals – Dr Annetta Tsang
  20. “I Am With You”: My Source Of Comfort In Moments of Doubts – Dr Isaac Tang
  21. Navigating Faith During Training – Dr Vibooshini Ganeshalingam
  22. Book Review: “Workship: How to Use Your Work to Worship God” by Kara Martin – Georgie Hoddle RN
  23. Virtual Saline Process Witness Training (SPWT) During COVID-19 – Dr Koshy George & Dr Sharon George
  24. Getting the Word Out: Research, Reflection and Writing for Global Health – Dr Daniel W. O’Neill & Prof Nathan Grills

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