May 2019 – Hot Topics #2

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Hot Topics in Ethics #2 – Dr Paul Mercer


  1. Removing Restrictions on Cannabis – Prof John Whitehall
  2. Gender Dysphoria – Anon
  3. At the Border of Life – Dr David van Gend
  4. Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage – Rev Malcolm Dunjey
  5. Same-Sex Marriage – Assoc Prof Neil Foster
  6. Domestic Violence – Dr Rosemary Isaacs
  7. Euthanasia Legislation in Australia – Dr Megan Best
  8. A Broad Ethical Approach to Screening for Prenatal Genetic Defects – Dr Megan Best
  9. Moral Reflections on Conscience in Medicine – Rev Dr Andrew Sloane
  10. Dear AHPRA – Dr Richard Wong
  11. Is Clinical Medicine a Science? – A/Prof Alan Gijsbers
  12. Dear Medical Board of Australia – Dr Michael Burke, Dr Sneha Kirubakaran, Georgie Hoddle (RN)
  13. Book Review: “Giving Sorrow Words” by Melinda Tankard Reist – Dr Jacki Dunning