June 2021 – Dying & Palliative Care


UPDATE – COVID Vaccination and the Church – A/Prof Megan Best

Read Online:

Dying and Palliative Care – The Journey Home – Dr Iain Poi


  1. CMDFA Ethics Management Team: Christian Dentist’s Covenant, Christian Doctor’s Covenant
  2. Learning about Death from Jesus – Prof John Atti
  3. Growing In Hope: When God Doesn’t Heal – Dr Winnie Chen
  4. God’s Sovereignty In Our Mistakes – Dr Hannah Watts
  5. Book Review: “Hope Beyond Cure” – review by Dr James White
  6. Book Review: “To Whom Shall We Go? Faith Responses in a Time of Crisis” – review by A/Prof Alan Gijsbers
  7. Book Review: “To Whom Shall We Go? Faith Responses in a Time of Crisis” – review by Dr Ernest Frank Crocker
  8. Death, Dignity and the Decisions that Trouble Us: A Pandemic Perspective – Dr Joel Winney
  9. On Dying, and a Hope-filled Death – Kate Bradford
  10. Encounters with Death: Reflections of a Medical Student – Ebony Remyn 
  11. A Personal Perspective of Experiencing Grief in Lockdown – Jo Patterson 
  12. CMDFA Position Statement on Immunisation: Personal Safety and Public Health
  13. Talking about Death – Dr Hayley Thomas 
  14. Walking Alongside… Until the Very End – Dr Catherine Hollier
  15. Will it hurt to die? Thoughtful end of life prescribing – Dr Melanie Lovell
  16. Managing the Dying: The Gospel, Spirituality or Both? – Prof Peter Ravenscroft
  17. Quality of Life: Psyche or Zoe? – Dr Bo Wong 
  18. My Patient Took His Life – Dr Tyler Schofield
  19. Voluntary Assisted Dying – Dr Paul Mercer
  20. When Atheism Meets The Grim Reaper – Emeritus Prof Geoffrey Mitchell
  21. CMDFA End of Life Resources – Dr Michael Nicholson
  22. Dying Young: Caring for the Critically Ill Child and their Family – Dr Martha Mherekumombe
  23. Beyond a Precious Life – Dr Susan Cheah
  24. The Life-Giving Work of Paediatric Palliative Care – Rev Jenny Busch
  25. Reflections of a Grieving Mother – Dr Emily Isham 
  26. Indigenous End of Life Care – Wendy Harris RN
  27. Book Review: “Rich in Years: Finding Peace and Purpose in Long Life” – review by Georgina Hoddle RN

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