February 2021 – Fire in the Belly 2021

Read Online:

Fire in the Belly – Dr Catherine Hollier


  1. Towards a theology integrating creation, providence and redemption in our daily work, rest and family – A/Prof Alan Gijsbers
  2. Decision Making and the Will of God – Dr Maria Haase
  3. Treatise on Health – Prof Anthony Radford
  4. Teamwork – Dr Monique Peris
  5. Poverty: It’s Not What You Think – Ross Farley
  6. Touched by Cancer, Touched by Love – Dr Shazza
  7. MORAL INJURY CONFERENCE: ‘What keeps me awake at night?’ – Dr Ern Crocker
  8. MORAL INJURY CONFERENCE: Definitions – A/Prof Andrew Sloane
  9. MORAL INJURY CONFERENCE: ‘Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition!’ – John Steenhof
  10. MORAL INJURY CONFERENCE: Conversion Therapy – Prof John Whitehall
  11. MORAL INJURY CONFERENCE: Issues Related to Voluntary Assisted Dying – Prof Natasha Michael
  12. MORAL INJURY CONFERENCE: Moral Injury in Carers of Early Pregnancy – A/Prof Harvey Ward
  13. Art by Elle Chou (medical student)
  14. MORAL INJURY CONFERENCE: The Hospital Furnace – Dr Emily Ivarsson Srmo
  15. MORAL INJURY CONFERENCE: What keeps nurses awake at night? – Gabi Macaulay RN
  16. MORAL INJURY CONFERENCE: The GP Landscape – Dr Tony Rombola
  17. HealthServe Australia: Connecting in Indonesia – Dr Michael Burke
  18. HealthServe Australia: Papua New Guinea HealthCare Worker Manual – Dr Michael Burke
  19. HealthServe Australia: Lighting Paths, Healing Lives – Dr Michael Burke
  20. What to Take on an Overseas Medical Mission Trip – Dr Maria Haase
  21. Medicine on YWAM Medical Ships – Dr Thomas Chengxuan Lu 
  22. Response to: Do we really save lives?  – A/Prof Alan Gijsbers

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