November 2020 – Ageing Gracefully

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Ageing Gracefully – Dr Eleasa Sieh


  1. Remembering (and being remembered) – Dr Paul Mercer
  2. Finding Meaning in Ageing – Rev Prof Elizabeth MacKinlay
  3. Poem: COVID Lament – Georgina Hoddle RN
  4. Is a Residential Aged Care Facility merely a Waiting Room for Death? – Viv Allanson
  5. In God’s Waiting Room – Dr Lauren Chong
  6. Depression in Ageing – A/Prof Kuruvilla George
  7. Combating Frailty In Ageing – Dr John Best
  8. A Christian GP Reflects on Residential Aged Care – Dr Richard Chittleborough
  9. Conducting Christmas Outreach Services at Aged Care Facilities as a visiting GP – Dr Richard Wong
  10. Poem: Ode to a Farmer’s Wife – Ian Johnston
  11. Ageing Gracefully and Living Well – Dr Kenneth Ibe
  12. Positive Ageing and Meaningful Life – Dr Chris Poulos
  13. Everyday Joy! – Georgia Strimaitis
  14. Enhancing Dignity for Those Nearing the End of their Life – Steve Calder
  15. Ageing Unhindered – Dr Kristen Dang
  16. Age: More Than a Number – Dr Monique Peris
  17. Anne and I – Dr Michael Nicholson
  18. Book Review: Second Forgetting by Dr Benjamin Mast
  19. Book Review: Ageing, Disability and Spirituality edited by Elizabeth MacKinlay
  20. Pastoral Care in Aged Care Facilities – Rev Jonathan (Jon) Phua
  21. Hope and longer lives for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People – Georgina Hoddle
  22. Sense of Safety During COVID – Dr Johanna Lynch
  23. Discussion Paper: Moral Injury

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