October 2023 – Mental Health 1

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Mental Health – Professor Kuruvilla George

Front Cover image: Blue Woman – Grace Nickson


  1. Understanding Mental Health Issues in Young People – Dr Danny Cheah
  2. Health With Care Without Burnout – Dr Grace Sha
  3. Beyond Bipolar – Finding Peace in my Mental Health Diagnosis – Jane Cunliffe-Jones
  4. Book Review: “When the Noise Won’t Stop” by Paul Grimmond – Dr Catherine Hollier
  5. 5 Ways Biblical Counselling Helps Me in my Healthcare Work – Dr Eleasa Sieh
  6. Words of Wisdom in the Psychiatric Ward – Dr Lucy van Baalen
  7. A Christian Approach to Spirituality and Addiction – Associate Professor Alan Gisbers
  8. Let The Light In – Tanya Tufanova
  9. Integrating Theology and Psychology – Lisa Miller
  10. Refugees and Mental Health – Dr Michael Dudley, Ms Julie Macken, Dr Fran Gale
  11. A Christian Perspective on Suicide – Professor Kuruvilla George
  12. Jesus and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – Dr Richard Morrison
  13. Saline Taster Workshop – Georgie Hoddle RN
  14. Book Review: “What’s Best Next” by Matt Perman – Dr Sneha Kirubakaran
  15. Vale – David Brown – Professor John Whitehall

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