March 2022 – Rest

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Rest – Dr Eleasa Sieh


  1. God, Rest, and Me – Richard Sweatman
  2. Brunch or Bible Study? A Biblical Approach to Rest – Dr Emma Bott
  3. Rest and Mental Health: An Evangelistic Opportunity – Dr Richard Morrison
  4. Rhythms of Rest – Dr Catherine Hollier
  5. Finding Rest in the Furnace of Work – Emeritus Professor Laurence Walsh AO
  6. Don’t Give Up: Balancing Shift work, Sleep, and Meeting Together – Dr Alyssa Arnold
  7. Defining Rest: A Routine or a Relationship? – Dr Brioney Keats
  8. Finding True Refuge – ‘Irene’
  9. Rest and Digest: The Importance of Rest for Growth and Healing – Dr Amanda Reimann
  10. Finding Rest in our Hurried World – Dr Faye Jordan
  11. A Prayer for Those who Check Email Inboxes – Dr Eleasa Sieh
  12. Searching for Sabbath: How We Can Find Rest in the Whirlwind of Early Parenting – Dr Kristen Dang
  13. Why Rest is so Challenging for Children and Teenagers – Dr Andrew W
  14. Working in Rural Towns: Boundaries for Healthcare Workers – Dr Nathan Lowe
  15. Sabbath Observance: Is it for me? – Dr John Fluit
  16. Rest and Relaxation – Dr Steven Bollipo
  17. Book Review: Crazy Busy by Kevin DeYoung – Dr Olivia McGrath
  18. Book Review: Sensible Shoes by Sharon Garlough Brown – Dr Catherine Hollier
  19. Grace as the Basis of Christian Ethics – Dr Alan Gijsbers
  20. Vale Ian Johnston – Georgina Hoddle RN
  21. COVID Vaccination and the Church: An Ethicentre Briefing Paper – Dr Megan Best
  22. Fire in the Belly: Nationwide Education to Promote Gender Fluidity – Professor John Whitehall
  23. Dentistry on YWAM Medical Ships – Dr Daniel Sundaresan
  24. Empowerment: Learning from the Proverbial Small Creatures – Ross Farley
  25. Vale Dr David John Foley – Dr Owen Lewis

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