October 2022 – Termination of Pregnancy

Read Online:

Discussing Abortion in a Spirit of Love, Tolerance and Acceptance – A/Prof Kuruvilla George


  1. A Good Argument about Abortion – Dr Denise Cooper-Clarke
  2. Roe V Wade: A Collaborative Interview Panel – Edited by Dr Catherine Hollier
  3. Context is Everything: Roe Vs Wade Discussion – Anonymous
  4. Finding a ‘Third Way’ when Things Fall Apart – Dr Joseph Thomas
  5. A Personal Comment on Roe V Wade – Dr Lachlan Dunjey
  6. A Practical Approach to Abortion for General Practice – Anonymous
  7. A Spectrum of Greys – Dr Amanda Ward
  8. The Influence of One – Dr Carolyn Russell
  9. Pregnancy: Risk Factor or Transformative Opportunity? – Dr Sarah Jensen
  10. Poem: Left with Regret – Anonymous
  11. Preparing for the Abortion Request – Anonymous
  12. EMT Discussion Paper on Termination of Pregnancy – CMDFA Ethics Management Team
  13. Pregnancy Support Organisations

Download a PDF:

Luke’s Journal – Vol 27 No 3 – OCT 2022 – Termination of Pregnancy PARTS 1 and 2.pdf (6.4MB)