Jan 20 – #CMDFAlyf


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#CMDFAlyf – Dr Catherine Hollier


  1. Meet some of the Luke’s Journal team – Dr Grace Leo
  2. Intern Bootcamp – Dr Renee Chan
  3. Vision Conference – Dr Dawn Glasgow
  4. Why equip and connect CMDFA members? – Dr Ross Dunn
  5. Ethics Training: medicine and end-of-life care – Bronte Dobos
  6. Newcastle: Care for the carers – Dr Dhiva Eliezer
  7. Twenty years of IMPACT and timeline – Dr Judy Fitzmaurice
  8. IMPACT reflections – Dr Justin Lam, Mitchell Wong, Dr Patricia Kijvanit
  9. Thirst-quenching Saline – Dr Alicia Thornton
  10. On becoming salty and shiny – Dr Sneha Kirubakaran
  11. Haiku Inspiration – Dr Judy Fitzmaurice
  12. Newcastle: Ethics the beginning of life – prenatal screening, IVF and abortion – Juliet Smith
  13. Supper meetings a must for 2020! – Dr Ern Crocker
  14. CMDFA national conference 2019: healing in mind, body and spirit – Dr Maleika Selwyn
  15. MENTEE / MENTOR From the Mentee – Bronte Dobos From the Mentor – Dr Lucy Van Baalen
  16. FIRE IN THE BELLY (Not) Ashamed: what no one ever told me about being a Christian, single, female doctor – Dr Caren Laubscher
  17. THEOLOGICAL REFLECTION Marvelling amidst the mess – Dr Emma Bott
  18. VIEWPOINT Reflections on Christian retirement – Dr Michael Nicholson
  19. VIEWPOINT Disagreeing well – Dr Michael Spence AC
  20. OVERSEAS NEWS Darkness before the dawn – Dr Jeremy Beckett
  21. STATE REPORT: Queensland – Dr Anthony Herbert
  22. STATE REPORT: New South Wales – Dr Ern Crocker
  23. REGIONAL REPORT: Central Coast, NSW – Dr Caity Frede
  24. STATE REPORT: Victoria – Dr Rosemary Wong
  25. STATE REPORT: South Australia – Dr Philippa Harris
  26. STATE REPORT: Western Australia – Dr Tanuja Martin
  27. STATE REPORT: Tasmania – Dr Phil Andrew
  28. STATE REPORT: Northern Territory – Dr Geoff Harper
  29. ICMDA REPORT & NEWS: Oceanic Region – Dr Michael Burke
  30. HEALTHSERVE AUSTRALIA NEWS Healthy Partnerships – Dr Michael Burke
  31. LUKE’S JOURNAL REPORT Spreading the word – Dr Catherine Hollier
  32. DEVOTIONAL A friend like Jonathan – Dr Kristen Dang
  33. BOOK REVIEW Evangelism in a Skeptical World – Dr Ben Tong
  34. BOOK REVIEW Neuropathic Limb Care – Dr Grace Warren