May 2023 – Unity in Diversity

Luke’s Journal May 2023 Unity in Diversity Cover

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Unity in Diversity – Dr Eleasa Sieh

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Jereth Kok Interview


  1. Unity in What? – Dr Andy Williams
  2. Working Together to Restore – Dr Adam Collison
  3. Unity in Regional Diversity – Dr Sneha Kirubakaran
  4. Aboriginal Culture and Health: A Christian Aboriginal Rural Doctor’s Viewpoint – Anonymous
  5. Lost in Transition – Dr. Andrew Hua
  6. The Most Excellent Way – Dr Chara Quay
  7. Unity in Diversity in Palliative Care – Wendy Harris
  8. Trans-Identifying Men in Aged Care (Fire in the Belly) – Tanya Tufanova
  9. A Cog in the Engine and A Shared Cup of Tea – Dr Eleasa Sieh
  10. History’s End: Every Tribe and Tongue Gathered into One People – Anonymous
  11. Find your Dream Team in a ‘Mixed Bag’ – Dr Annetta Tsang
  12. Unity and Diversity within Luke’s Journal (Meet More LJ Members) – Dr Annetta Tsang
  13. Reflections on VISION 2023 – Dr Theodorus Hedwin Kadrianto
  14. Communication and Connectedness – Libby Wallace
  15. Every Living Thing – Dr Lynda Shaw
  16. Book Review: “Over My Shoulder” – Dr Catherine Hollier
  17. Book Review: “Bringing Forth Life” – Dr Kristen Dang
  18. Book Review: “I’m Just Heidi! Living to the Full with Down’s Syndrome” – Tanya Tufanova
  19. Book Review: “Memories and Medicine” – Dr Owen Lewis
  20. Vale: Frank Garlick’s Unusual Life – Dr Joseph Thomas and Dr Anthony Herbert

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