Dying and Palliative Care


COVID Vaccination and the Church

An Ethicentre Briefing Paper – A/Prof Megan Best

The recent announcement by the Australian government that increased freedoms would be  available to citizens who were double vaccinated for COVID-19, or have exemption on  medical grounds, has caused significant consternation in the Christian community. Issues of  conscience and concerns about exclusion have been raised as reasons why such measures should not be introduced. How should Australian churches respond? Read More Now…

Dying and Palliative Care

Luke’s Journal inspires the integration of Christian faith and work in healthcare.
In this edition we explore how different members of the body of Christ experience the issues of Dying & Palliative Care.

Death, Dignity and the Decisions that Trouble Us

Dr Joel Winney
What to do when the one thing that should be allowed to happen for the patient before us isn’t allowed to happen… More

Christian Dentist’s & Christian Doctor’s Covenants

CMDFA Ethics Management Team
The document on Moral Injury was the first and now these two covenants… More

Learning about Death from Jesus

Prof John Attia
Being a believer means that we can worship God, not only by the way we live, but also by the way we die… More

Growing In Hope: When God Doesn’t Heal

Dr Winnie Chen
How can a good God allow suffering? This age-old question has been asked since the beginning of time… More

The Journey Home 

Christian healthcare practitioners from all around Australia share their experiences, and ways they deal with end-of-life issues. 
Read Dr Iain Poi’s Editorial

On Dying, and a Hope-filled Death

Kate Bradford 
How do we help people ponder their own mortality and the choices that are still open to them as they move towards their own death… More

God’s Sovereignty In Our Mistakes

Dr Hannah Watts
As I reflect on the death of patients and how it has impacted me, I can say the experience has been varied… More

“Hope Beyond Cure” by David McDonald

Book Review: Dr James White
One of the biggest difficulties of being a doctor is that at the end of the day we are only putting bandaids on people’s problems… More

“To Whom Shall We Go? Faith Responses in a Time of Crisis”

Book Review: Assoc Professor Alan Gijsbers 
Reflections on COVID crisis through the lens of spirituality, the Beatitudes, and the sages of the church… More

Encounters with Death: Reflections of a Medical Student

Ebony Remyn
Without the social support of friends and family, the suffering associated with death could have become overwhelming… More

A Personal Perspective of Experiencing Grief in Lockdown

Jo Patterson
What does grief and loss look like during such a difficult time? For myself it was surprisingly positive… More

“To Whom Shall We Go? Faith Responses in a Time of Crisis”

Book Review: Dr Ernest Frank Crocker 
Will our lives ever return to normal and if so, what will that ‘new normal’ look like?… More

CMDFA Position Statement on Immunisation

CMDFA Ethics Management Team
CMDFA agrees with current medical opinion that immunisations are of great benefit to the individual and society… More

Talking about Death

Dr Hayley Thomas
We have the privilege of walking alongside our patients through many of life’s greatest joys and challenges… More

Walking Alongside… Until the Very End

Dr Catherine Hollier
A book became the springboard for many conversations about end of life with my patient population… More

Will it hurt to die?

Dr Melanie Lovell
Thoughtful end of life prescribing – focusing on pain in the last days of life from a medical perspective… More

Managing the Dying: The Gospel, Spirituality or Both?

Prof Peter Ravenscroft
Those who are dying may require considerations of physical, psychological, social, cultural and spiritual factors… More

Quality of Life: Psyche or Zoe?

Dr Bo Wong
The decision to treat or to palliate a patient is often dependent on the expected quality of life after treatment… More

My Patient Took His Life

Dr Tyler Schofield 
I brought all my resources and every last bit of my interpersonal capacity to bear.
It wasn’t enough… More

Voluntary Assisted Dying

Dr Paul Mercer 
The world is saying ‘no’ to fake news, including fake news about palliative care… More

When Atheism meets the Grim Reaper

Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Mitchell
I believe we have the right to present Christ to our patients… More

CMDFA End of Life Resources

Dr Michael Nicholson
The tri-unity of spirit, soul and body come together to encourage the growth that brings a Good Death… More

Dying Young

Dr Martha Mherekumombe
I believe I am called and have been chosen to work with critically ill and dying children… More

Beyond a Precious Life

Dr Susan Cheah
Grief is a journey you largely walk on your own, one that even those closest to you can really only observe… More

The Life-Giving Work of Paediatric Palliative Care

Rev Jenny Busch
Moving my vision from sickness and death to the life-giving love of God expressed in Jesus… More

“Rich in Years: Finding Peace and Purpose in Long Life”

Book Review: Georgina Hoddle RN
A window into ageing and how much God loves and accepts us as we grow older… More