Children of God

Luke’s Journal inspires the integration of Christian faith and work in healthcare.
In this edition we explore how different members of the body of Christ approach the concept of Children of God.

With Eyes Wide Open

Dr Paul Mercer
An inked-in image of a domestic pet on human skin was to be, for that person, a consistent reminder for curiosity… More

Abilities And Questions

Dr Kathryn Thacker
There was no noise in the delivery room. Everyone had gone dead quiet and stared wide-eyed at the child who had just been delivered… More

Tender Welcome: Sensing Ourselves As Beloved Children

Dr Johanna Lynch
When you think of the words ‘child of God’ what images come to mind? What sensations do you feel?… More

How Do We Nurture Our Children For A Lifelong Relationship With God?

Dr Li Qing Wong
Fulfilling the enormous task of parenting takes training… More

Kiddo, One Day You’ll Be Changing My Nappies

Dr Sam Chan 
What is it about poo? The surgeon jokingly yelled out, “We have a Code Brown!” The whole room—doctors, nurses—screamed, “Eeew!”… More

Two Sons, One Father, One Great Love

Dr Kristen Dang
Two sons with different burdens laid upon their hearts. Each child learns the quality of their parent’s love in different ways… More


The Love Of The Father 

Dr Nathan Combs
What characteristics do we have that are deserving of Human Rights? Why are human beings deserving of value and respect?… More


Perspectives Of A New Parent

Dr Yvonne Lai
As I held my little baby, the fact that our very need for relationship and connection from the very beginning seemed so tangible… More

Children of God

The cliché suggesting that children grow slowly and so we have plenty of time to introduce them to Jesus, no longer rings true. Since the COVID-19 pandemic is still with us, an unprecedented urgency has set in, and our lives have become more chaotic, more unpredictable, and seemingly, more fragile.
Read Dr Annetta Tsang’s Editorial

Loving The Little Children Of God: Discipleship In The Church Family

Emily Mikelsons
I take seriously the commitment to serve and love all the children that God has put in our midsts… More


Overcoming Fear As A Child Of God

Dr Holly Ho
Managing children can be chaotic. Sometimes it can get out of control and it all stems from fear… More


What Every Child Should Know About Prayer

Book Review: Dr Annetta Tsang 
Prayer – the words we pray. Praying– a channel of instant communication, a gift from God, a weapon against the devil…More


Navigating Through The Loss Of Unrealised Potential

Dr Gracia Chong 
Managing Early Pregnancy Loss.
Miscarriage and early pregnancy loss is often an emotionally taxing and devastating season in a woman’s life… More

Defiant Birth by Melinda Tankard Reist

Book Review: Dr Eleasa Sieh
This book gives voice to the women in our society who chose not to conform to medical “expert” advice to terminate their pregnancies…More


Children Under The Same Sun

Dr Jean Jacobs
Imagine a world where preventable disease no longer claims the lives of children… More


Reflecting As A Medical General Practitioner And A Child Of God

Dr Linh Cheung 
My work has been influenced and informed by God, the church, friends and my family… More


Spiritual Care For Children With Special Needs

Georgina Hoddle
The deepest need of a human being is to love and be loved, each person has a right to friendship, to communion and to a spiritual life… More

Sibling Rivalry

Dr Olivia Mcgrath
We can’t help comparing ourselves to others and vying for approval… More


Four Ways To Help Your Teens

Dr Jonathan Andrews
Resolving what is in the “seat” of our psychological functioning… More


Multiple Births – Fun And Games, Or Not Quite?

Donna Allen 
“Have you been on any programs? Because there’s three of them…” More


Parenting In A Self-Centred World

Dr Andrew Williams 
We live in an age that is increasingly suspicious of authority… More

Faithfully Counselling Teenagers

Dr Anonymous
Assisting sufferers at the epicentre of a fraying society… More


They Are Children Of The Same God

Dr Mithran Coomarasamy
15% of the world’s population live with disabilities. The pain and suffering for the parents and child become a reality to reckon with daily… More


Gender Fluidity: Should It Be Taught At School?

Prof John Whitehall 
Ideologies can create the inner identity of the recipient… More