A Hair-Raising Experience – Dr Ern Crocker


from Luke’s Journal 2019 | Laughter | Vol. 24 No.2


After attending a Christian businessmen’s dinner some years ago, I was nervously approached by a man seeking prayer. ‘Can you pray for my baldness?’ he asked. I was somewhat taken back at the trivial nature of the man’s request. ‘Yes.’ I thought, glancing at his hair, ‘He is a little thin on top but isn’t that fairly normal for a man of this age?’

However, not wishing to offend him, I agreed to do as he had requested and prayed, ‘Lord, bless this man and his family and restore his hair to its former glory.’ He thanked me and moved on.

Some years later my parents were attending a prayer breakfast. A man across the table introduced himself. ‘Are you related to Dr Ern Crocker?’ he asked. ‘Yes, he’s our son.’ ‘Well I must tell you,’ he said, ‘some years ago I asked him to pray for me. I asked him to pray for my boldness. He prayed that God would give me hair.’

I have from time to time been accused of suffering from domestic deafness. I guess this extends to the public arena. My parents made no comment on the state of the man’s hair that day.

pic-ecrockerBIO: Dr Ern Crocker FRACP, consultant physician in nuclear medicine, author of ‘When Oceans Roar’, husband, father, grandfather, follower of Jesus.’

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