Book Review – Neuropathic Limb Care – Dr Grace Warren AM


from Luke’s Journal 2020 | #CMDFAlyf | Vol. 25 No. 1


A Practical Guide to Procedures for Reducing Disabilities and Amputations

Neuropathic Limb Care is the distillation of Dr Grace Warren’s expertise, gathered over sixty years treating patients with neuropathic limbs.

It is a concise, well-illustrated and clearly written book, which brings together many aspects of the care of neuropathic limbs and provides a practical guide to optimal treatment of patients with multiple neurological problems from many causes.

Neuropathic Limb Care will be an invaluable aid to patient self-help and medical personnel managing patients with diabetes, familial and traumatic neuropathy, as well as leprosy sufferers in developing countries. These are the patients these simple, yet effective, medical programmes were developed to aid. Dr Grace Warren has shown that the same principles produce excellent results when applied to any patient with neuropathy problems, if the patient is prepared to do their part. Her experience has confirmed that the application of these practical but simple techniques, which are inexpensive in developing countries, will afford better outcomes than are currently achieved in many developed countries.

Dr Grace Warren AM
Grace Warren’s study and experience in the treatment of leprosy saw her travelled extensively throughout the world instructing doctors and surgeons about the benefits of her treatments. Grace finally retired from surgery in 2017 after 60 years of community service. For Grace’s full bio and honours, see
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