Editorial: Fire in the Belly – Dr Catherine Hollier

The first of many issues comprising only Fire in the Belly articles


from Luke’s Journal 2021 | Fire in the Belly 2021 | Vol.26 No.1

Wow! ‘Fire in the Belly’. 

Impulsive? Idealistic? Irresponsible? Or reasonable opinion? That is for you to decide. 

Moving. Challenging. Passionate. Definitely. 

With the digitalisation of Luke’s Journal and the extended reach of its readership, there has been an increase in Fire in the Belly articles – self-submitted and grounded in the passion of the author. The views expressed in these articles are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the CMDFA or Luke’s Journal. As such, these articles have less editorial input and should be read as passionate expression rather than academic treatise. However, they will no doubt stimulate thought and robust debate as we seek to mature in Christ, and interact meaningfully with the world. 

Luke’s Journal is excited to publish what is likely to be the first of many issues comprising only Fire in the Belly articles. Authors have been inspired from all ages and many different backgrounds. Some write from a theological perspective integrating faith in daily work, e.g. Alan Gijsbers’ “Towards a theology…” or from a desire to guide the younger generation, e.g. Maria Haase’s “Decision-Making and the Will of God”. Others share from many years of faithful work in the mission field (see Anthony Radford’s “A Treatise in Health” and Ross Farley’s “Poverty – it’s not what you think!”). There are pragmatic issues such as Monique Peris’ “Teamwork” and personal stories like Shazza’s “Touched by Cancer. Touched by Love.

“[The articles] will no doubt stimulate thought and robust debate as we seek to mature in Christ, and interact meaningfully with the world.”

We report summaries and presentations from the recent NSW ‘Moral Injury Conference’, which has become more pertinent as the surrounding culture presses ever more loudly against Christianity. The age-old topics of abortion and voluntary assisted dying are joined by the growing clamour around gender dysphoria, conversion therapy and the idolisation of medical career in the hospital environment. Recordings can be accessed online by contacting office@cmdfa.org.au 

There are also reports from long-standing affiliates of CMDFA – HealthServe Australia and ICDMA. It is timely to be reminded of our partnership around the globe with the common link of healthcare in our Christian family, especially as COVID-19 unites the world and the church in so many ways. An invitation is extended to join with others beyond our borders. Other mission focus includes Thomas Lu’s “YWAM Medical ships” and practicalities on “What to take with you on Mission Trips

And finally, a response to a previous Luke’s Journal article by Andrew Williams, “Do We Really Save Lives?” which prompted Alan Gijsbers to write an alternative view

We have a broad church in the CMDFA membership and it is with great joy that Luke’s Journal shares encouragement and inspiration across the nation and beyond.

Dr Catherine Hollier  
Dr Catherine Hollier is a part-time GP in Newcastle, NSW. She is proud to have been involved with the high quality content of Luke’s Journal since 2016 and enjoys leading a team of enthusiastic volunteers in its publication. She is greatly pleased with the transition to digital format, allowing greater dispersion of its content to a wide and varied audience.

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