Unity in Diversity within Luke’s Journal – Dr Annetta Tsang

Meet some of the Luke’s Journal team


From Luke’s Journal May 2023  |  Vol.28 No.2  |  Unity in Diversity 

In the 2020 #CMDFAlyf issue of Luke’s Journal, you would have met a few members of the Luke’s Journal team. Let me introduce you to a couple more team members!

Catherine Hollier

Catherine has been part of the editorial team since 2015. She is a seasoned general medical practitioner. Catherine describes herself as, “a team-builder and an encourager with a wide network of connections” who aims to develop the strengths of each team member and find a ‘sweet spot’ for each. She describes the editorial team as “like family” as we meet online regularly, not only to progress the cause, but also to fellowship and pray for each other, to “share in people’s lives, and encourage each other in their dreams and careers”.

Catherine is constantly curious and learning new things to help improve and progress Luke’s Journal. Her energy is boundless, and although Catherine juggles many hats, she always has time to listen, uplift, or help. She not only makes sure we ‘get the job done’ but also finds ways to make the process stress-free and enjoyable for everyone on the team.

Koshy Mathew

Koshy is our sponsorship coordinator, reviewer, and vlog interviewer and developer. He is youthful and has great ideas. Koshy is fantastic at reaching out to missionaries and organisations that partner with CMDFA. Koshy thinks the best thing about being part of the Luke’s Journal editorial team is, “the ability to create content that helps other Christian healthcare professionals think through how they can live out their faith in their work”. 

Koshy is a willing and altruistic member. He regularly volunteers for tasks that are not so popular (such as taking the minutes when we have our monthly meetings!). Not only does Koshy have a ‘can-do’ attitude, but he brings with him a great sense of humour.

Melanie Battershell

Melanie is one of our faithful proofreaders. She is organised, meticulous, and pays great attention to detail. In her words, the best thing about being part of the Luke’s Journal team is “getting to read articles about practical Christianity”.

What about you?

Luke’s Journal May 2023 Unity in Diversity Cover

The Luke’s Journal editorial team is always on the lookout for suitable members to join our team. If you are interested in serving God in this way, or if you would like to know more about Luke’s Journal or the editorial team, please contact Dr Catherine Hollier at lukesjournalcmdfa@gmail.com

Dr Annetta Tsang
Dr Annetta Tsang is a member of the Luke’s Journal editorial team and is involved in children’s ministry at her church. She is a paediatric dentist and an academic editor. Annetta is also a sessional staff at Bond University. Spending time with her family, art, books, desserts and coffee are some of her favourite things.


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