November 2021 – Children of God

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Children Of God – Dr Annetta Tsang


  1. Two Sons, One Father, One Great Love – Dr Kristen Dang
  2. The Love Of The Father – Dr Nathan Combs
  3. Perspectives Of A New Parent – Dr Yvonne Lai
  4. Loving The Little Children of God: Discipleship In The Church Family– Emily Mikelsons
  5. Overcoming Fear As A Child Of God – Dr Holly Ho
  6. BOOK REVIEW: What Every Child Should Know About Prayer – Dr Annetta Tsang
  7. Navigating Through Loss Of Unrealised Potential: Managing Early Pregnancy Loss – Dr Gracia Chong
  8. BOOK REVIEW: Defiant Birth – Dr Eleasa Sieh
  9. Children Under The Same Sun – Dr Jean Jacobs
  10. Tender Welcome: Sensing Ourselves As Beloved Children – Dr Johanna Lynch
  11. Reflecting As A Medical General Practitioner And A Child of God – Dr Linh Cheung
  12. Kiddo, One Day You’ll Be Changing My Nappies – Dr Sam Chan
  13. Spiritual Care For Children With Special Needs – Georgina Hoddle
  14. Sibling Rivalry – Dr Olivia McGrath
  15. Four Ways To Help Your Teens – Dr Jonathan Andrews
  16. With Eyes Wide Open: Curiosity, Learning And The Becoming Of Childlike Faith – Dr Paul Mercer
  17. Multiple Births – Fun And Games, Or Not Quite? – Donna Allen
  18. Parenting In A Self-Centred World – Dr Andrew Williams
  19. How Do We Nurture Our Children For A Lifelong Relationship With God? – Dr Li Qing Wong
  20. Abilities And Questions – Dr Kathryn Thacker
  21. Faithfully Counselling Teenagers – Dr Anonymous
  22. They Are Children Of The Same God – Dr Mithran Coomarasamy
  23. Gender Fluidity: Should It Be Taught At School? – Prof John Whithall

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