Unity in Diversity

Luke’s Journal inspires the integration of Christian faith and work in healthcare.
In this issue our contributors prompt us to reflect on important questions relating to Unity in Diversity.
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Aboriginal Culture & Health:
A Christian Aboriginal Rural Doctor’s Viewpoint

I hope that this exploration of problems facing the Aboriginal community, especially where I practice, will help provoke thought. I trust that it may also motivated you as a Christian health professional to harness cultural strengths in order to improve Aboriginal health… More

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Editorial – Unity in Diversity

Dr Eleasa Sieh
You are part of the embodiment of the spiritual reality of the ‘body of Christ’.… More

Unity in What?

Dr Andy Williams
Can the pursuit of unity undermine its own Gospel foundation?… More

Unity in Regional Diversity

Dr Sneha Kirubakaran
Let’s move CMDFA activities around the whole country and celebrate our expansive diversity… More

Find your Dream Team in a ‘Mixed Bag

Dr Annetta Tsang
A team is like the body – every member matters… More

Working Together to Restore

Dr Adam Collison
How Christian faith encourages collaboration in research.… More

Jereth Kok Interview

Why was Jereth Kok’s medical license suspended suddenly and  indefinitely?…  More

Lost in Transition

Dr Andrew Hua
Impacts of Diversity of Culture, Language and Traditions among CALD migrants… More

Reflections on VISION 2023

Dr Theodorus Hedwin Kadrianto
We share one common unified vision to build His Kingdom… More

The Most Excellent Way

Dr Chara Quay
The benefits and difficulties of studying medicine in a different culture, and the effect of Christian faith on that experience… More

Unity in Diversity in Palliative Care – Wendy Harris

Wendy Harris
Working in a spiritually diverse team offers an opportunity to witness to both staff and patients… More

Trans-Identifying Men in Aged Care

Are transgender rights impinging on those of biological women?… More

History’s End: Every Tribe and Tongue Gathered into One People

Fallen humankind will be rescued from every tribe on earth… More

Communication and Connectedness

Libby Wallace
That’s gotten me thinking – what about children who communicate with pictures, sign language, or devices? … More

A Cog in the Engine and a Shared Cup of Tea

Dr Eleasa Sieh
Doing your part as one cog in the Golden Rule could start by offering someone a cup of tea… More

Book Review: I’m Just Heidi! Living to the Full with Down’s Syndrome

Tanya Tufanova
We’re all made in God’s image for the purpose of reflecting God’s glory… More

Unity and Diversity within Luke’s Journal (Meet More LJ Members)

Dr Annetta Tsang
Let me introduce you to a couple more team members… More

Every Living Thing

Dr Lynda Shaw
Wisdom from God’s creatures, in their vast array… More

Book Review: “Over my Shoulder”

Dr Catherine Hollier
I suspect that every Christian medical student, at some time or other, has wondered whether they should be a ‘missionary’ doctor… More

Book Review: “Bringing Forth Life”

Dr Kristen Dang
Humpty might never be whole again, but this broken piece can heal and mend… More

Book Review: “Memories and Medicine”

Dr Owen Lewis
Humpty might never be whole again, but this broken piece can heal and mend… More

VALE: Frank Garlick

Dr Joseph Thomas and Dr Anthony Herbert
Frank Garlick was an ordinary man who lived an extraordinary life spanning across India, Nepal and Australia. … More