ART: CHRONOS – Dr Ernest Crocker

Mapping our finite striving for immortality


The photos are from a  body of work, CHRONOS, that was published in the British Journal of Photography and exhibited in Melbourne some years back.

Each examines a specific attempt by men and women to map their life and times. It is a natural response to explore, define and compartmentalise our world. From this we gain security and satisfaction.

But our efforts are frozen in the continuum of time, CHRONOS. They map and define our finite striving for immortality, which may only be found in a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

This last photo features a photomultiplier tube from a gamma camera used in nuclear medicine.

The tube detects gamma rays emitted from the body and converts them into an image of organ function.

Dr Ernest Crocker
Dr Ern Crocker is a recently retired Nuclear Medicine Physician. He is currently the NSW State Chair of CMDFA. He is the author of three books: Nine Minutes Past Midnight, When Oceans Roar and most recently, The Man in White. His other interest is photography, and he has published works locally and internationally and exhibited on a number of occasions.


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