POEM: COVID Fatigue – Rev David Ware

Though a haze hangs around me, I will not despair

Photo by Cottonbro

I once was so nimble, flexible, strong,
Adapted so well when a surprise came along.
But now I feel that I’ve dropped many leagues,
Not denying the truth, I’ve got COVID fatigue.

The bubble has burst, and I’ve slowed to a crawl.
I’m thinking the worst, this year’s been a brawl,
In times such as this, there’s no room for intrigue,
No great surprise, I’ve got COVID fatigue.

Doctor, doctor, please prescribe me a pill,
I’m more than unwell, I’m feeling quite ill,
I fear I’m a victim of virus blitzkrieg,
What’s that you say, “I’ve got COVID fatigue?”

I’ll tell you my symptoms and let you decide
It seems with this sickness there’s nowhere to hide
I’m needing an expert to give diagnosis,
I’m worried I’ve developed COVID psychosis,

The lockdown has got me, with fears of exposure,
I’m rattled inside and I’ve lost my composure,
My world has shrunk down to a 5km zone,
I’m avoiding all cafés, and I’m living alone.

My flights have been cancelled, I’m trapped in this state,
I need the vaccine but still hesitate,
I walk through my suburb, a masked stranger passes,
But I can’t see them clearly – my breath fogs my glasses.

I still love the footy, but can’t watch a live game,
The TV adds noise, but it’s just not the same,
The G* is now empty, it leads me to weep,
It’s hard to relax and it’s harder to sleep.

I can’t attend church, I’m confined to my room,
I’m stranded at home as I listen on Zoom,
I’m avoiding all buses, and I’ve garaged my car,
Well, at least I don’t have to travel too far.

When driving to work the schools are all shut,
Although the closure’s essential, it troubles my gut,
There’s nothing that’s stable, and no long-range plan,
I’ve taken as much as anyone can!!

The doctor’s reply showed great common sense:
I know the pressure you feel is immense
The life you enjoyed has vanished and died.
Yes, so much has changed in the blink of an eye.
It may not seem true, but this pandemic will end,
Until that time comes, to yourself be a friend.

Have a smile, take a while, to walk in the park,
Enjoy simple pleasures that give life a spark.
Eat well, share laughter, stay active and fit,
Read novels, watch movies, with humour and wit,
Talk daily with family, and chat to your mates,
Meditate, pray – whatever it takes.

And whenever life’s cruel, don’t forget to be kind,
To yourself and your neighbour, for together you’ll find,
Though at times overwhelming, this test in life’s class
Into the dustbins of history, surely will pass.

So now I’m unwinding, as I sit in my chair,
And though a haze hangs around me, I will not despair.
For no matter how ghastly or deep the intrigue,
I know it’s just passing, it’s COVID fatigue.

*MCG, Melbourne Cricket Ground

Rev David Ware
Rev David Ware is married to the wonderful Tracey and is the proud father of Justin and Daniel. He has served as Chaplain at Baptcare's Hedley Sutton Aged Care Community in Camberwell, VIC for just over eight years. During the various COVID lockdowns of 2020-21, he channeled his desperation into writing poems, both serious and humorous. He has just commenced his first book, "If God became an Aged Care Chaplain.”


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